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1 March 1962
Ideographic: Can I be older than my years yet look younger than my age? I am still very much in the data gathering stage, not yet aware enough to masticate it all with a correct understanding of my temporary existence and issue pure wisdom. At least I know a matter of mindfulness is at play. At least I know that every failure has at its root a lack of emotional, and sometimes observational or factual, oversight, and that failure with awareness profits greater than any success. I know that the spiritual is a manifestation of the innate of the unconscious, rather than any conscious practice or self-evident reality. I know that as affects the greater good of human society and Earthen ecology, the Natural, or that which more delights and enlivens Nature, is always the preferred choice.

Nomothethic: Whatever happened to my homeland, you know, the U.S.? Why does the U.S. Army persist in recruiting on my campus? Whatever happened to the cool of the night, the brightness of day? Why can't I see the downtown towers from here anymore? What's up with all the fish cancer in Galveston Bay? Why can't Katrina and Rita and Wilma remain the most violent storm trio in history? How come ancient dressed undersea stones that withstood ten thousand years below the waves have begun to tumble and crumble in the last five years? Why do I hear people in restaurants breathlessly wrestling with the will of their omnipotent, usually loving god? Why is living life such arduous labor for almost all of us? When will I stop doubting myself, stand up, and well use the hastening time? What do dolphins and bonobos know that helps them mostly relax and have such fun sex? Why do some of these kill themselves?
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Looking back at my posts I've noticed a trend over at least the past year. My little emoticon notes on messages where I've included these have been overwhelmingly negative. I resolve to posting something positive if and when my mood improves. Sorry that most of what I've used this blog for was to dump on my online friends when (au usual) I'm overwhelmed!
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ArcGIS 9.3 and SPSS for Windows. ArcServer! Internet-enabled GIS! Way cool!

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Let me hook you up with Green Mountain (GMEC)! Have a wind powered electric bill in line with your values! No kidding! Reliability, wires and equipment all stay the same. Just switch to a cleaner source for your electricity and eliminate bad stuff* exceeding what you place in the air by driving that auto or SUV all over Houston! *(in TX, that's over 23,000 pounds per person of CO2 + SO2 + NO2 and NO4 + CH4 + Hg!) Delay the climacteric of global warming! Be more robust & healthy! Huzzah!
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For online signup in Texas, it's a simple name-address-phone-SS#-birthdate form. In TX, 100% pollution-free always costs the same as the "price to beat," which is what most people are paying for polluting electricity. 100% WIND always costs just one penny more! To preserve MY value to the renewable energy industry please enter ref. code "TXSEF" and agent number "10120" on the bottom of the second application screen at: Getting Started with Green Mountain

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I'm in my fifth year of PhD studies in Urban Planning and Environmental Policy at Texas Southern University this fall! Woo-(streeettch) Hoo!(Deep yawn.)